Smart Mobile Phone Friendly Web Sites Best Practices

Mobile phone specific web site design is much different than web site design for desktops, laptops and tablets. Your customer who “finds you” via their phone is in a hurry. They don’t want to scroll for half-a-mile looking for your phone number, a map to your location, a coupon or discount to a “deal” you’re offering.

So, MAKE IT EASY. On your “mobilized web site,” place these “click-to-call” and “map us” buttons above the fold. Eliminate “scrolling” by your smart phone web site visitor. Place these “call-to-action” buttons in their face!

  • Language on mobile phone friendly web sites must be kept to a minimum. Eliminate scrolling as much as possible.
  • The web page your smart phone customer “lands-on” should have multiple “clickable” elements.” This includes your logo and all images.
  • Include a product image, logo, coupon… that is clickable. Short contact forms and applications can make sense as well.
  • Include special offer or discount language offering a deal for all your mobile customers.
  • Make certain your mobile phone friendly web site comes with a “Stat Package;” a statistics reporting service so you know how your mobile phone friendly web site is performing.
  • Get started NOW!  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Consumers by the millions are picking up their phones to find you!




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