Mobile Phone Friendly Websites for Financial Services

Have you looked at your website on a phone? I’ll bet your customers have! Grab your mobile phone and visit YOUR website NOW! If it looks just like all your competitors, hire us to FIX IT TODAY.

Your customers are on their phones now. They’re searching for your business. They want to call you. They want a map to you. They want to email you. And, they want a discount coupon. HELP THEM DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! Mobilize your website today.

Phone friendly websites

Look at your business website on a phone!

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Store fron business must look good on customer's phone

Mobile phone friendly websites no longer need a traditional website. If you have a store-front business, you need to “look good on your customer’s phone.”

AMERICAN SMARTPHONE USER PENETRATION CONTINUES TO INCREASE : New numbers from comScore indicate that nearly 70% of the “U.S. consumer market owned a smartphone in the three months through March 2014. That’s up about 11 percentage points from the three months through March 2013. Operating platform market share numbers for the period were essentially stagnant; no platform moved a full percentage point in either direction.” What this means for small business owners?

Your website had better look good on a phone! If not, you’ll die…

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5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Research by Google concluded that 66% of smartphone users agree that they are more likely to do business with financial services such as payday loans, car title loans, installment lenders, check cashers and cash for gold stores having mobile friendly websites.

Lacking a mobile friendly website increases the likelihood that your competitors will take market share from you.

The basics for your business mobile friendly website?

  1. A Click to Call button
  2. A map to your location
  3. A brief description of your services
  4. Your business hours
  5. An incentive for your customer to do business with you; a coupon for example

How  much is a basic mobile friendly website? EZMobileToday charges a $200 one-time design fee and approximately $12/month. That’s it!

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Optimized Website

Mobilize your local business or DIE!

Mobilize your local business or DIE!

90% of consumers are searching for your local businesses online. 70%+ of small businesses now get 33% of their new customers their customer’s smart phone.

Consumers are using mobile devices to access business websites. Your customer is driving, walking and bicycling with their phone in-hand looking for things to do or to buy.

To reach your customer, your website and online presence must be optimized for mobile devices.

Spend on mobile. You must invest in a mobile-optimized website to enable your customer to discover your business. Mobile users click, visit and buy via their phone.

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Mobile Friendly Websites: Post Your Business Hours

Mobile websites for brick-n-mortars require your store hours posted!

Mobile websites for brick-n-mortars require your store hours posted!

Presumably you want people to visit your business, and ideally this would be when you’re open. Making your business hours clearly visible on your mobile site is a sure fire way of getting you and your customers in the same place at the same time.

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Your Customer Is Searching for Your Business on Their Phone

Google recently reported that 70% of consumers are searching for a local business on their smart phone. Think “payday loan 92661” and your website had better look good. No zooming, no scrolling, no hiccups.

A search for “Car title loan 89104” should never force the website visitor to scroll and zoom to find your location. Your website needs two large buttons at a minimum:

  • A button to click to call your location
  • A button to click in order to find your location on Google Maps.

Comparison-Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site

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Google: Penalizes Websites “that look like crap” on Mobile Phones

AutomobilePawn-web-to-mobilized-350WIn June, Google added a Blog Post announcing that they’re rolling out an update that penalizes websites “that look like crap” on mobile phones. OK!  That’s not exactly what the Google rep said :o) The exact quote was, “…performing poorly on mobile devices.”

What’s this mean for YOUR wallet? For your business? It means a solid ranking boost for businesses that have invested in their mobile presence.

91% of adults in the US now have mobile phones and over 60% of those are smartphones; an incredible 80%+ smartphone adoption within the US by 2015. The crazy thing is that the underbanked are more likely to have a smart phone than the rest of the population!

Here’s how Google explained it:

“To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.”

This is about YOU MAKING MONEY!

Whip out your phone and look at your website. Does it look like these? If not, getting a smart phone friendly website completed is a $200 no-brainer for your business. You don’t even need a traditional website to GET THIS DONE!

Stop procrastinating because the mobile visitors are quickly out numbering the rest. Explore Now… Click Here!


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Mobile Friendly Payday and Car Title Loan Websites: Best Practices


  • Make it EASY for your customer to do business with you
  • Place the “Click-to-Call Button” at the top of your mobile friendly website (Example)
  • Place the “Map to Us Button” (Store Locator) near the top
  • Payday loan, car title loan, cash for gold, tax prep… customers ARE ON THEIR PHONES. They are looking for you!
  • Don’t FORCE your potential new customer to TYPE on their phone
  • Allow your CSR to “walk the customer” into your store or your application
  • Don’t force your website visitor to download an app. Get a phone friendly web site. They’re inexpensive ($200) AND you don’t even need a traditional website
  • Enable your “phone customer” to easily email, text and call you; push of a Button
  • Place discount coupons on your mobile website. Train your CSR to ask for it

These are long-term strategies. Find ways to engage users. Build an email list with a “drip campaign” offering B-Day specials, holiday deals… It’s easy to add these widgets. At least it’s easy for


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MOBILE phone traffic to store foot traffic

MOBILE phone traffic to store foot traffic

Turn your mobile phone website visitor into store foot traffic. Look good on your customer’s phone or DIE! Get started today with

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Make it easy for your customer to do business with you! Your competitors already have!!

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