You Are Doomed w/o Mobile

payday loan phone friendly web sitesNo mobile web site? YOU ARE DOOMED! Think you aren’t ready? Just do it. Get Lean. Start… iterate… evaluate… test… iterate… you’re never done but you’ll beat the pants off the your competitors who are still trying to get started.

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Payday Loan & Car Title Consumers Using Their Phones to “find” You

payday loan phone friendly web sitesUnless you’ve been in a cave, you know your customers are “looking” for your location via their phone. It’s a simple as typing in “payday loan 92661,” “car title loan Torrance,” “sushi 89104, “notary Houston” and with a click they are at your web site. (You do have a phone friendly web site right? If you do, your customer can “click to call,” click for Google Maps to your location, click to email you, click to text you, click to start a loan process…

And, you may not know this, but Google ranks mobile phone friendly web sites higher in the search results!

It’s time you figure these strategies out BEFORE your competition does. We’re pros at this. We’ve been doing it for years. Call or email NOW!

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Mobile Friendly Web Sites Increase Importance

A recent Google Study found that 61% of mobile phone users leave a web site that is not formatted (friendly) for their phone! And 67% of mobile phone friendly web site visitors are more likely to take one of the following actions:

  • Make a purchase
  • Click the “Call Button”
  • Click the “Map Us” button

48% of users felt frustrated when visiting a non-mobile phone friendly web site using their phone. They simply click-away…

Finally, Google admitted that mobile phone friendly web sites rank higher when consumers perform their search on their phone!

So… how does your business look on a phone? See our examples of business to consumer mobile phone friendly web sites here: Mobile Friendly Web Sites

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Losing Money? Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly!

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

  • Your business is losing $300.00 or more every day you don’t have a mobile phone friendly website.
  • There are over 90 Million Americans that browse the web from their mobile phones or mobile devices.
  • If your website is not mobile friendly, it is nearly impossible for most mobile phone users to navigate your current website.
  • Most standard websites were designed for monitors that are at least 10 inches or more.
  • Your website was not designed for the smaller screen that is used by all mobile phones or mobile devices.
  • Mobile phone websites can help to increase your bottom line. More website traffic equals more profits for your business.
  • 67% of customers who visit your web site on their phone hit the “Click-to-Call” button or the “Map” button! (Google 2012)


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Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site Design

Consumers are searching for your business on their phone by the millions every month.

Get the picture?  Harriet needs a car title loan. She whips out her phone… taps-out “car title loan Dallas”… looks at the Google search results on her tiny, little cell phone screen… she clicks on one of the web site links she sees in the search results… she “lands” on your non-mobile phone friendly web site that requires her to scroll and squint and mistakenly click a link that annoys her. So she gives up on you! You just lost her! (Hopefully she didn’t click on one of your Google Adwords PPC ads!!)

Comparison-Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site
What’s Harriet to do? She goes back to the search results on her phone and clicks the next “car title loan Dallas” link. But this time she lands on your mobile phone friendly web site here, clicks on the “Call Us” button and makes an appointment with you! Additionally, Harriet can text you, email you, click a Map to you…

TODAY, businesses MUST EMBRACE  phone friendly web sites or DIE :o)

Every month, millions of consumers use their mobile phone to search for financial focused businesses. Payday loans, car title loans, tax services, pawn shops, check cashing stores… Mobile device searches now dominate. Our customers are simply not using their laptop and desktop computers to find us any longer.  There is a MAJOR shift in consumer behavior taking place.

Finance and lending  searches coming from mobile devices grew 70% already this year! Hard as this maybe to accept, it’s not uncommon for a loan applicant to fill out an application while using their mobile device. Phone searches for financial services is only one example of the huge shift in consumer tasks and behaviors to smartphones.

Finding a new dentist, a notary, a salon, a pizza shop, sushi restaurant, lawyer, planning a trip, buying a car…  are rapidly increasing  on smartphones and are taking place on  websites and apps that make it easy for them. Business owners that “get” that consumers have gone mobile and evolve towards this change in consumer behavior will kick their competitors butts and WIN!

So… how do you WIN?

1. Make sure your websites are user friendly. The Team at do it fast and cheap!

(For a very short time: $129.95 one-time design fee and $14.95/month for 1 hour maintenance per month, auto-sync with your non-friendly web site.)

2. Develop a company level mobile strategy.

3. Make sure your business can be found on mobile.

4. Understand the difference between an “app” (you don’t need one) and a simple redirect of your customer to your mobile phone friendly web site when they use their phone to find you.

Jer – Co-Founder at



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Smart Mobile Phone Friendly Web Sites Best Practices

Mobile phone specific web site design is much different than web site design for desktops, laptops and tablets. Your customer who “finds you” via their phone is in a hurry. They don’t want to scroll for half-a-mile looking for your phone number, a map to your location, a coupon or discount to a “deal” you’re offering.

So, MAKE IT EASY. On your “mobilized web site,” place these “click-to-call” and “map us” buttons above the fold. Eliminate “scrolling” by your smart phone web site visitor. Place these “call-to-action” buttons in their face!

  • Language on mobile phone friendly web sites must be kept to a minimum. Eliminate scrolling as much as possible.
  • The web page your smart phone customer “lands-on” should have multiple “clickable” elements.” This includes your logo and all images.
  • Include a product image, logo, coupon… that is clickable. Short contact forms and applications can make sense as well.
  • Include special offer or discount language offering a deal for all your mobile customers.
  • Make certain your mobile phone friendly web site comes with a “Stat Package;” a statistics reporting service so you know how your mobile phone friendly web site is performing.
  • Get started NOW!  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Consumers by the millions are picking up their phones to find you!




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Payday Loan Mobile Web Sites – Why Retailers Must Have Them

Owners of payday loan companies, pawn shops, car title lenders, check cashers, pizza makers, sushi restaurants and more must have MPF – mobile phone friendly – web sites because their customers are using their phones to find these services! Within 2 years, consumers won’t be able to purchase anything but a smart phone. Mobile search is already beginning to dominate the landscape.

Think about this. Your customer needs a car title loan. They whip out their phone, search for “car title loans” and their search results are “served” to them on their phone. Their built-in GPS (global positioning service) will offer them car title loan locations in their city, zip code, whatever. They click on one of these search results. If the car title lender is smart, they’ll serve up a web site that looks something like this: Notice the “m.”

If the car title lender is not so smart, they serve up this on this potential customer’s phone :o( Not good!

Want to see this in action? Just visit on your desktop, laptop, iPad…

Now, pick up a phone and type in again. Our “mobilzation” process recognizes you’re accessing AutomobilePawn via a smart phone and magically, you see the “Click to Call,” “Map to Us” “Text Us,” and all the rest. Obviously, this “mobile friendly web site makes it MUCH easier for your customer to do business with you! This is a no-brainer.

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Get Your Mobile Web Site or Die, Retailer

'What's on your iPhone home screen?' photo (c) 2008, Tony Buser - license: Wait, Why Are They Coming?
How will you survive  in a world where your customer uses their mobile device to find your payday loan store, your pizza shop, your car title loan biz, your cash for gold location, your pawnshop, your sushi… If you can’t capture customers or their device with a good experience, you will lose their pocket books. Is your web site “MOBILIZED?”

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We’ll MOBILIZE your web site for pennies..

Cabulous App“We have to think mobile first, desktop second, Mr. Bakas stated. Example? Getting a taxi in San Francisco is nearly impossible! However, thanks to Cabulous a taxi patron can notify a driver without the necessity of phoning a dispatcher. The taxi drivers get more fares and don’t have to guess where their next patron maybe waiting! Cool!!

Your store’s web site better look good on your customer’s phone :o) We’ll MOBILIZE your web site for pennies…

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More Than Half of FaceBooks 900M Users Access Web Site via Mobile

Man, that’s quite scarey if your web site looks like crap on your customer’s smart phone when they’re looking for their local check casher or payday loan store!

If your web site is mobile enabled, it will look like this on their phone: Mobile web site


See other examples here:

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