Mobile Web Site Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a customer worth to you?

  • Let’s see… a payday loan customer “discovers” your business via a search on their phone. They receive 4 payday loans/year for five years. You charge $20 in fees per $100 loaned. Your average loan is $300. How much is this customer worth to your business? $1200 in fees. (4 loans/year X $60 fees/loan X 5 years = $1200 total fees.  A car title loan customer? A pizza store customer? A cash for gold customer? How much is a customer worth to a tax preparer? What is the “life-time value of your customer? You get the picture!

What’s the process for designing a smart phone friendly web site?

  • If you currently have a web site, we’ll review it and use your existing color palette and logos to create your new mobile phone friendly (MPF) web site. We’ll review our design proposal with you via phone and email until you’re happy. Then, we’ll publish it. The next step is to insert a short code snippet on your existing web site so that any customer of yours accessing your web site on their phone will be automatically redirected to your new mobile phone friendly web site. We’ll provide you with this code for insertion or we’ll handle it all for you free.

How long does the whole design and implementation process take?

  • Usually 3-4 days.

Why must I pay $12.95/month to EZMobileToday.com  for my mobile friendly web site?

  • Automatically syncs with your regular website. Any changes you make to your regular website are automatically updated in your mobile site for free. We design your phone friendly web site and maintain it. The domain/URL for your mobile web site remains YourWebSiteDomain.com or .net or whatever it is now. When a consumer uses their phone to search for your business (payday loan 92661 or car title loan Scottsdale or Z-Pizza 92656) the search engine delivers them to your  phone friendly web site YourWebSite.com created by us. Your customer is automatically forwarded to YourWebSite.com/info/net  phone friendly web site hosted, maintained, auto-synched and serviced by us. We provide ongoing maintenance, support, and updates to your mobile friendly web site.

Does EZMobileToday.com design for all operating systems?

  • Yes. The sites we design automatically detect what type of phone your customer is using. Androids, iPhones, Blackberry’s… doesn’t matter. We have it covered. And, when Apple  or Google updates, we have you covered as well. No need to pay your web designer again or keep one on your staff. We take care of ANY changes by the phone carriers or your non- mobile phone friendly web site developer. Where else can you get this done for $14.95/month?
  • What’s a customer worth to you over a lifetime? A payday loan company? $10,000, $15,000 in fees? A car title loan customer? At least the same. A scrap gold customer? At least $1000 or more. Even a pizza store. How much is a customer worth? Over their lifetime?

Click-to-Call Feature?

  • Add a click-to-call button to make it easy for your customers to contact you. Access AutomobilePawn.com on your phone to see this in action.

SMS your business

  • Make it simple for mobile site visitors to text your business info

Mobile Map with Directions

  • Add a mobile map to your site with step-by-step directions to your business. Enable your customer to simply click to get a map to your location
Free Mobile Analytics
  • Keep track of all your mobile website traffic and site visitors. Know how many visitors your mobile friendly web site received.
  • Yep, we can do it. If you’re a Lender, we offer e-sigs, loan docs, compliance… We are “in the business.” There are additional costs so call or email for details.
Open Table, Yelp, facebook…
  • We have free widgets we can add to your phone friendly web site.