Mobile Friendly Payday and Car Title Loan Websites: Best Practices


  • Make it EASY for your customer to do business with you
  • Place the “Click-to-Call Button” at the top of your mobile friendly website (Example)
  • Place the “Map to Us Button” (Store Locator) near the top
  • Payday loan, car title loan, cash for gold, tax prep… customers ARE ON THEIR PHONES. They are looking for you!
  • Don’t FORCE your potential new customer to TYPE on their phone
  • Allow your CSR to “walk the customer” into your store or your application
  • Don’t force your website visitor to download an app. Get a phone friendly web site. They’re inexpensive ($200) AND you don’t even need a traditional website
  • Enable your “phone customer” to easily email, text and call you; push of a Button
  • Place discount coupons on your mobile website. Train your CSR to ask for it

These are long-term strategies. Find ways to engage users. Build an email list with a “drip campaign” offering B-Day specials, holiday deals… It’s easy to add these widgets. At least it’s easy for


Lender, operator, consultant in small dollar loan space.

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2 comments on “Mobile Friendly Payday and Car Title Loan Websites: Best Practices
  1. Jennifer says:

    Right-on! We do NOT want our customers to get frustrated typing in ANYTHING on their phone. Call Us! Come to one of our stores. Allow our customer service agent to take customer info over the phone. BUT DO NOT make customers TYPE :o)


  2. EZ Mobile Today says:

    We’re with you, Jen. Our conversions improved 40% by simply getting our customer to call us!