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Consumers are searching for your business on their phone by the millions every month.

Get the picture?  Harriet needs a car title loan. She whips out her phone… taps-out “car title loan Dallas”… looks at the Google search results on her tiny, little cell phone screen… she clicks on one of the web site links she sees in the search results… she “lands” on your non-mobile phone friendly web site that requires her to scroll and squint and mistakenly click a link that annoys her. So she gives up on you! You just lost her! (Hopefully she didn’t click on one of your Google Adwords PPC ads!!)

Comparison-Mobile Phone Friendly Web Site
What’s Harriet to do? She goes back to the search results on her phone and clicks the next “car title loan Dallas” link. But this time she lands on your mobile phone friendly web site here, clicks on the “Call Us” button and makes an appointment with you! Additionally, Harriet can text you, email you, click a Map to you…

TODAY, businesses MUST EMBRACE  phone friendly web sites or DIE :o)

Every month, millions of consumers use their mobile phone to search for financial focused businesses. Payday loans, car title loans, tax services, pawn shops, check cashing stores… Mobile device searches now dominate. Our customers are simply not using their laptop and desktop computers to find us any longer.  There is a MAJOR shift in consumer behavior taking place.

Finance and lending  searches coming from mobile devices grew 70% already this year! Hard as this maybe to accept, it’s not uncommon for a loan applicant to fill out an application while using their mobile device. Phone searches for financial services is only one example of the huge shift in consumer tasks and behaviors to smartphones.

Finding a new dentist, a notary, a salon, a pizza shop, sushi restaurant, lawyer, planning a trip, buying a car…  are rapidly increasing  on smartphones and are taking place on  websites and apps that make it easy for them. Business owners that “get” that consumers have gone mobile and evolve towards this change in consumer behavior will kick their competitors butts and WIN!

So… how do you WIN?

1. Make sure your websites are user friendly. The Team at do it fast and cheap!

(For a very short time: $129.95 one-time design fee and $14.95/month for 1 hour maintenance per month, auto-sync with your non-friendly web site.)

2. Develop a company level mobile strategy.

3. Make sure your business can be found on mobile.

4. Understand the difference between an “app” (you don’t need one) and a simple redirect of your customer to your mobile phone friendly web site when they use their phone to find you.

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