Payday Loan & Car Title Consumers Using Their Phones to “find” You

payday loan phone friendly web sitesUnless you’ve been in a cave, you know your customers are “looking” for your location via their phone. It’s a simple as typing in “payday loan 92661,” “car title loan Torrance,” “sushi 89104, “notary Houston” and with a click they are at your web site. (You do have a phone friendly web site right? If you do, your customer can “click to call,” click for Google Maps to your location, click to email you, click to text you, click to start a loan process…

And, you may not know this, but Google ranks mobile phone friendly web sites higher in the search results!

It’s time you figure these strategies out BEFORE your competition does. We’re pros at this. We’ve been doing it for years. Call or email NOW!

Lender, operator, consultant in small dollar loan space.

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4 comments on “Payday Loan & Car Title Consumers Using Their Phones to “find” You
  1. Charlie D. says:

    What are the typical costs for a mobile web site? I’m a brick-n-mortar guy; 20+ locations. What I’d really like to is enable new car title loan customers to “find” me on theur smart phone and then come-in to my stores to complete the loan process. I don’t think I need e-sig, loan docs…


  2. EZ Mobile Today says:

    Charlie, I like your strategy. It’s a good way to begin. With us, budget $150 1X and $15/month for maintenance.

  3. Stuart Levin says:

    Please have a representative contact me concerning your mobile products and their implementation for our company.

  4. EZ Mobile Today says:


    Will do…just discovered your request in the spam :o(