Payday Loan Mobile Web Sites – Why Retailers Must Have Them

Owners of payday loan companies, pawn shops, car title lenders, check cashers, pizza makers, sushi restaurants and more must have MPF – mobile phone friendly – web sites because their customers are using their phones to find these services! Within 2 years, consumers won’t be able to purchase anything but a smart phone. Mobile search is already beginning to dominate the landscape.

Think about this. Your customer needs a car title loan. They whip out their phone, search for “car title loans” and their search results are “served” to them on their phone. Their built-in GPS (global positioning service) will offer them car title loan locations in their city, zip code, whatever. They click on one of these search results. If the car title lender is smart, they’ll serve up a web site that looks something like this:¬†Notice the “m.”

If the car title lender is not so smart, they serve up this on this potential customer’s phone :o( Not good!

Want to see this in action? Just visit on your desktop, laptop, iPad…

Now, pick up a phone and type in again.¬†Our “mobilzation” process recognizes you’re accessing AutomobilePawn via a smart phone and magically, you see the “Click to Call,” “Map to Us” “Text Us,” and all the rest. Obviously, this “mobile friendly web site makes it MUCH easier for your customer to do business with you! This is a no-brainer.

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3 comments on “Payday Loan Mobile Web Sites – Why Retailers Must Have Them
  1. Jason P says:

    Do we need a mobile phone friendly web site for each of our locations or just one for our each of our domains?

  2. M S says:

    If we have multiple locations, is the setup fee still the one-time $129.95?

  3. Charlie D. says:

    I am blown away! I did as you suggested and visited my web site on my wife’s smart phone. Looks like hell!

    Then I visited on her phone after looking at it on my laptop and my iPad. AMAZING!!!! I want you guys to do this for me; NOW!