What We Do

EZMobileToday.com makes websites mobile phone friendly. We convert websites into (MPF) “mobile phone friendly sites.” The platform we use hosts over 1.6 million mobile websites. If your web site does not look good on your customer’s web site, you will be crushed by your competitors!

EZMobileToday.com offers mobile web site development for small businesses including auto sync between your regular site and your mobile friendly web site, click-to-call widgets, mobile maps, site analytics, SMS, text messaging, e-sigs, loan docs, compliance friendly, and much, much more.

If you already have a web site, we’ll use your current color palette and images so that your new “MPF” (mobile phone friendly) web site matches your existing non-mobile phone friendly site. This provides your customers with a seamless transition to your brand; and its all automatic!

Don’t worry! If your business doesn’t already have a regular web site, we’ll build a mobile site directly and set it up for you :o)

The unique advantage of using the pros at EZMobileToday.com is that our platform keeps a mobile site automatically updated reflecting any changes made to the original Internet website with zero maintenance required. Businesses can easily invest in one website and reach consumers on the web and on the go with EZMobileToday.com.