You Are Doomed w/o Mobile

payday loan phone friendly web sitesNo mobile web site? YOU ARE DOOMED! Think you aren’t ready? Just do it. Get Lean. Start… iterate… evaluate… test… iterate… you’re never done but you’ll beat the pants off the your competitors who are still trying to get started.

Lender, operator, consultant in small dollar loan space.

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2 comments on “You Are Doomed w/o Mobile
  1. Jennifer says:

    We talk about “getting ready” for mobile daily but we make no progress. Meanwhile, our Google rankings are dropping, our competitors are slowly embracing/building mobile friendly web sites… I keep telling my bosses we have to just start; we have to get on board :o(

  2. EZ Mobile Today says:

    It’s easy to get started! Rome wasn’t built in a day :o) BEGIN! Slow and easy… call us; it’s a no-brainer and very inexpensive. 702-208-6736